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Ozlem Scholten

luchtballonnen boven Nederland
ballonnen boven Cappadocia

Dear visitor,

Welcome to my website, I would be happy to show you a little bit more about my life as a freelance Turkish translator.

Despite my study in architecture in Istanbul I soon decided to dedicate myself to the written word. As chief-editor of my families publishing company, I razzled in editing novels, children´s books and academic publications.

Without a doubt I would still be doing this, I had not met my current Dutch husband in Bodrum. To make a long story short, I arrived at Schiphol December 2005 and could immediately start with my Dutch inurement.

After a year, I picked up where I left off and registered myself as specialized freelance translator (see Curriculum Vitae) from Dutch, English into Turkish and vice versa.

I go to Turkey four times a year. Language needs to be kept up, culture too. Some say that as a foreigner in the Netherlands you´re falling between two stools. I do not agree, I have two countries, two cultures, I enjoy double

Ozlem Simsek-Scholten

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